Foraging for Chanterelles

I’ve been in Duluth this weekend for a couple of days of touring urban gardens and consuming lots of gourmet-grade food. I’m staying several miles outside of the city with cookbook author, Beatrice Ojakangas, and her husband, Dick. Their cozy, bright home is tucked into 50 acres of woods.

There are mushrooms growing under the balsam trees along their winding driveway. Dick took me out foraging for chanterelles. It was my first experience hunting for mushrooms.

Since internet service is sporadic in the countryside along the outskirts of Duluth, it’s difficult for me to write much on my blog. I’ll give you more details on Monday. For now, I will tempt you with a picture and let you know the chanterelles melted on my tongue like butter after getting special treatment in the kitchen from Beatrice.

Please come back tomorrow for the rest of the story.

2 thoughts on “Foraging for Chanterelles

  1. If you are still there, please tell Beatrice that her Finnish cookbook is one of just a few that is always out on the kitchen counter. She needs to write a few more good Finn-American books.

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