Good Friends, Damp Fire and So Much S’More

I love getting little surprises in my mailbox. A couple of weeks ago I opened a small padded envelope and pulled out a tiny book, “So Much S’More To Do,” by Becky Rasmussen. A sticky note attached to the cover of the book informed that August 10th was National S’more Day.

I quickly flipped through the book that includes over 50 variations of the classic graham cracker, chocolate bar and marshmallow s’mores, the whole time wondering to myself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” But, I didn’t think up all those creative s’more combinations that Rasmussen must have had fun creating and even more fun taste-testing.

There were so many s’mores I wanted to try. I decided the easiest way to sample several of the s’more recipes would be to have a bunch of friends over to celebrate National S’more Day. I wondered if Rasmussen, who was born and raised in Minnesota, had independently declared this day of campfire dessert celebration. Who doesn’t love a campfire? How could anyone pass up an opportunity to get wild with s’mores? This was reason for a party in my book, national s’more day or not. We’d make it a celebration.

On the evening of August 10th, I built a perfect campfire, using easy-to-follow instructions from “So Much S’More to Do.” Each of my guests had been assigned an ingredient to bring that would go into s’mores.

My husband lit the fire before the s’more-hungry group arrived so it would be at the perfect stage for roasting marshmallows. I had written recipes on cardboard to help everyone build s’more concoctions from the book: Butter Brickle S’mores, After Dinner Mint S’mores, Banana Cream Pie S’mores, Banana Split S’mores, Red, White and Blueberry S’mores.

I had also set out one of my family’s favorite s’more ingredients: peanut butter cups. I picked up a package of fudge-striped cookies, too, on the recommendation from a friend who told me her family uses them for s’mores, eliminating the need for chocolate bars.

Just as the first guests arrived, the rain came. Not just a few little spitter-spatter drops. This was a downpour. Torrential. Enough to reduce my beautiful campfire to just a smolder. That didn’t stop a group of s’more-hungry women from having a good time. Why not use the flames on my gas range?

Some marshmallows began to flame, just like over the campfire. And, not one drip of melted marshmallow on the stove!

The s’mores were enough to make grown women yip, yap and laugh with happiness.

Of the ones we tried, Butter Brickle s’mores with graham crackers, vanilla frosting, toasted marshmallow and chunks of chocolate-covered toffee bars was voted the favorite that night.

We may have a follow-up book in the works. S’more creations were developed that evening that were big hits.

How about 1/2 of a graham cracker spread with vanilla frosting, topped with a peanut butter cup, a toasted marshmallow, chopped peanuts and banana slices with the other 1/2 of the graham cracker sandwiching it all together? Oh, man!

Or, maybe you would prefer 1/2 of a graham cracker spread with homemade strawberry jam, topped with a toasted marshmallow and fresh blueberries, a squirt of whipped cream and finally the other 1/2 of the graham cracker?

The s’more pictured in the head photo was made with one of those huge strawberry-flavored marshmallows that appeared in the stores this summer. We cut them in half before toasting.

See what I mean? These women are ready to write s’more campfire dessert cookbooks! There’s still so much s’more developing, testing and tasting to do!

Team S’More had happy tummies and smiling faces as they headed for home that night. And, I was able to taste many of the recipes in Rasmussen’s book. I think it would be a fun gift to put together a s’more gift basket that held “So Much S’More To Do,” maybe some campfire-roasting forks and ingredients to make a couple of the creative combinations in Rasmussen’s book.

A s’more party is great fun for adults. As we mixed and matched ingredients that night to create ooey, gooey, yummy treats, we thought how much fun children would have doing the same thing. It would make a great birthday party around the campfire for those old enough to respect the flames. Teens would have a grand time.

This is the recipe from “So Much S’More To Do,” by Becky Rasmussen that was voted the favorite at our S’More Celebration:

Butter Brickle S’mores

  • Marshmallows
  • Graham Crackers
  • Chocolate-Covered Toffee Bars
  • Vanilla Frosting

In a large, resealable plastic bag, crush toffee bars into large pieces with a rolling pin.

Frost half of a graham cracker with vanilla frosting. Sprinkle toffee pieces onto the frosted graham cracker. Toast marshmallow to the desired level. Place marshmallow on top of toffee bar pieces. Sandwich the marshmallow and toffee bar pieces together with another half of graham cracker.

3 thoughts on “Good Friends, Damp Fire and So Much S’More

  1. I read your column in Park Rapids Enterprise and enjoy it. Like that you give hints and keep ingredients fairly simple. I meant to save the July 31 article about puffed pastry made like a bar with a topping of whipped cream and blueberries. Somehow it is gone–could you send me the recipe? I like S’Mores too, so will try it. Bette

  2. Oh wow, this looks wonderful! I need to branch out more in the s’more department. In a pinch, we use saltine crackers instead of graham crackers. It adds a little saltiness to the sweet.

    • Oh, I think I should try the saltine idea. I love the combination of sweet and salty. Have you had chocolate-covered potato chips? Now that’s a good sweet and salty combo.

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