I’d bike miles for this dessert

 My biking partners and I did our first organized bike ride on Saturday. I think we registered last January or February for the Tour of Lakes. This year the routes started and finished at the high school in Crosby, Minn. Since it is pretty early in our biking season, we decided we’d take it easy on the 35-mile route, which actually turned out to be close to 42 miles.

We’d never done this ride before, but we’d heard lots of good things about the food served at the stops along the way. In fact, Tour of Lakes has become famous for the food they provide. We were expecting great things. As it turned out, though, the best thing we ate on our Tour of Lakes weekend was not at a rest stop.

We were tired and shopped out by the time we got to Deerwood on Friday afternoon and checked into Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge. We had dinner reservations at Ruby’s, the restaurant at Ruttger’s. We were getting ready for a walk around the reseort before dinner when I opened the little refrigerator in our room. I really couldn’t believe my eyes.

Tucked into that small refrigerator was a plate with three beautiful slices of the chocolate dessert that Ruttger’s is famous for — Bette LeMae. I had sampled it at the Twin Cities Food & Wine Experience last winter. When I mentioned it on my blog, Chris Ruttger left a comment and said they’d be sure there was some Bette LeMae for Tour of Lakes. I thought that meant they would be offering little sample bites at one of the stops along the bike route. After all, Tour of Lakes was known to have awesome fuel for riders.

Yes, we rode more miles than expected on Saturday. But, really, it was Chris Ruttger who went the most important extra mile. He was so kind to surprise us with that decadent melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. He must be a good detective, too. How did he even know we were staying there? That chocolate before bed kept us riding like wild women the next morning, pedaling 21 miles to the first stop. Thanks, Sherlock.

The fresh fruit, yogurt, breakfast burritos, candy bars, granola bars and root beer floats along the bike route were great. But the best food for me and my biking partners was at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge.

You can make your own Bette LeMae using the recipe on Ruttger’s web site. Click here to get right to the recipe.

To read more about Bette LeMae, you can go to the post I wrote in March. Click here.


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  1. Thanks for all the publicity Sue. It was great meeting you in person and I’m glad you enjoyed the Tour of Lakes and our resort. Thank you for being our guest!

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