Star-Spangled 4th of July Chocolate Cake

Some people are so creative, aren’t they? A friend of mine made a rich, decadent chocolate dessert last weekend. She turned it into a perfect 4th of July cake by arranging the wedges into the shape of  a star.  It is French Chocolate Cake from “The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Chocolate” by Christine McFadden & Christine France. I looked all over the internet trying to find the recipe so I could give you a link, but just couldn’t find it.

There is a recipe over on the Saveur magazine web site that is very similar to the one pictured. The texture is similar to fudge. Each bite melts in your mouth. A few tablespoons of the flour in the recipe keep it off the list of flourless chocolate cakes.

I had my first taste of flourless chocolate cake when I took a cooking class in Fargo in the early to mid 1980’s. Chocolateir magazine had just started publishing. I think it was the second issue that had a recipe for flourless chocolate cake. My cooking teacher made it for us in class. It was divine. I’m pretty sure I remember her referring to the decadent dessert as " Chocolate O." That was her name for it, not the magazine’s. I’ve made it a few times since that long-ago introduction. It’s rich with butter, lots of chocolate and a little sugar. And no crust.

You can click right here to go quickly over to the chocolate cake recipe in Saveur. And, lucky you if there is a copy of "The Cook’s Encyclopedia of Chocolate" on your book shelf.

May your 4th of July be filled with fun and good food.